DIgSILENT has released the new service pack PowerFactory 2018 SP1.

We are glad to announce that the localization of the user interface for the following languages has been updated in this service pack: French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. As a result, the languages English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, and Russian are now fully supported.

The new service pack is available to registered users of companies with valid guarantee/maintenance in the DIgSILENT download section for registered users.

The new release PowerFactory 2018 includes major new developments in functionality, such as the introduction of Probabilistic Analysis, Remedial Action Schemes in Contingency Analysis, Data Extensions and new tools for Protection analysis.

PowerFactory 2018 also comes with new and improved interface functions including a PSS/Sincal data import converter and a Plant and Grid Performance Monitor to support real-time data streaming for RMS simulations.

There has been an emphasis on usability, in particular a restructuring of the Global Library and the introduction of versioning, enabling all models including protection device models to be included in the Library. The plots functionality has been redesigned, there are improvements to the data colouring methodology and a new graphic search option is available.

The significant developments for PowerFactory 2018 include among others:

  • New module Probabilistic Analysis, incorporating very powerful capabilities for managing stochastic parameters based on distribution curves and their correlations
  • New Distance Protection Reach Colouring in diagrams and a new Short-Circuit Sweep plot
  • New Remedial Action Schemes (RAS) in Contingency Analysis, for flexible and dynamic analysis of post-fault actions
  • New Frequency Response Analysis of dynamic models
  • New Plant and Grid Performance Monitor to support real-time data streaming for RMS simulations, based on IEEE C37.118
  • Simulation snapshot saving for subsequent analysis
  • Improved visualisation of the results of Modal Analysis in network diagrams
  • Enhanced Cable System Analysis with improved cable layout modelling
  • Revision of Equipment Type Library with new versioning concept
  • Extension of the Type Library by all supported protection devices
  • New and improved models including Multi-Core Cables, Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor and HVDC Line Commutated Converter, enhancements of PWM converter (MMC with full-bridge technology)
  • New Data (Model) Extension concept, opening up new possibilities for customisation with user-defined attributes
  • Powerful graphic search option for network elements in diagrams, including geographic search
  • Improved plot handling, including new user-friendly plot insert option
  • Revised data colouring scheme to provide a better visualisation of parameters with characteristics and distributions
  • New PSS/Sincal data import converter

More information can be found in the document "What's New in PowerFactory 2018", which is available on the DIgSILENT Download Area. Furthermore, you will find a "Video Webinar" presenting a selection of PowerFactory 2018 highlights. Please click here to watch the video.