DIgSILENT releases StationWare 2020 R2

DIgSILENT announces the release of StationWare 2020 R2.

The new version is available in the Download Area section for registered users, for companies with valid guarantee/maintenance.

As well as offering a revised search functionality and an extended configurability of the user interface, the version comes with new service methods and additional converters for exchanging protection settings with manufacturer software.

Major developments in StationWare 2020 R2 are:

  • Enhanced user interface, including
    • Revised search functionality, with selectable search filters and definable search result columns
    • Expanded table views, with definable filters that work like stored search queries
    • Administrative menu “Graphical User Interface” for tab configuration
    • Tabbed reports for displaying report results in a tab
    • Binary output for reports, that enables the creation of individually designed reports in alternative formats
    • Access rights on document categories



  • Additional web service methods, for example to administer attribute containers and attribute definitions
  • New converters for the following manufacturer software products:
    • Arcteq AQtivate-200
    • Schneider eSetup Easergy Pro
    • Eaton Cooper ProView (Power Series devices)
    • Noja CMS
    • Entec ETIMS ETR300-R-600


More details can be found in the What's New in StationWare 2020 R2 document, available in the public Download Area of our website.

We would also like to draw your attention to the new StationWare Knowledge Base, with FAQs covering a range of topics.

We wish you continuing success with DIgSILENT StationWare.