DIgSILENT releases StationWare 2020 SP1

Dear Colleagues and Representatives,

DIgSILENT has released a new service pack StationWare 2020 SP1.

This service pack comes with a series of fixes and minor improvements. It includes a fix for an issue that prevented StationWare from initialising due to an invalid configuration of the GIS map.

The new version is available in the Download Area section for registered users, for companies with valid guarantee/maintenance.

As well as offering new and enhanced features, StationWare 2020 comes with a fully updated user interface. This is not only a new design but also incorporates additional features to make the software easier and more intuitive to use.

For more information about StationWare 2020, please refer to the relevant brochure, which can be found in the public Download Area.

Major developments in StationWare 2020 are: 

  • Updated user interface, including
    • A new look and feel, with additional colouring options and new icons
    • Improved data presentation in the Object Properties view
    • Well-organised grouping within tabs, making for easier access to data



  • Enhanced options for managing information, such as
    • Data-handling actions access via icons, with logical grouping of actions
    • Modal dialogs for data entry
    • Additional options for handling tabular data


  • Geographic representation
    • Visualisations of locations on geographic map
    • User-configurable filtering options
    • Direct links to underlying data



We wish all users continuing success with DIgSILENT StationWare.