PowerFactory License Advice

Dear PowerFactory User

As you will be aware, DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory software uses a third-party component for licence handling and software protection. The provider of this component is Wibu GmbH. We have recently been informed by Wibu about certain vulnerabilities that have been identified within their licensing product. This information has been made public by Wibu and details can be found on their website by following this link: Wibu Security Advisories .

The problems affect all PowerFactory versions (from version 2016 onwards) released to date. The relevant element is located within Wibu CodeMeter Runtime, and so to address all the identified issues we recommend that Wibu CodeMeter Runtime should be updated to version 7.10a as soon as this becomes available. Wibu has indicated that this version will be released on 17 September, but please check this via Wibu‘s website. Any PowerFactory versions subsequently released by DIgSILENT will not be affected.

Wibu updates can be downloaded from their website: Wibu Users Software (choose “CodeMeter User Download” and the same architecture 64/32-bit as the currently-installed PowerFactory. For licence servers chose the combined 64/32-bit version).

PowerFactory users can rest assured that the vulnerabilities have no effect on the functionalities of our software (e.g. calculations, data management etc.). Nor is it necessary to carry out any modifications or updates to the PowerFactory installation itself. Only Wibu CodeMeter Runtime will need to be updated.

DIgsilent Buyisa Team