The electrical supply network is a complicated engineering masterpiece. Careful planning and operation of these networks demand expertise and the ability to utilise the sophisticated software analysis tools available. Powerfactory has become the world leading simulation software with respect to analysing electrical networks. Digsilent Buyisa staff (both Local and internationally) are trained to have indepth knowledge of the software and the use thereof. Combined with the appropriate qualifications possessed, this provides the perfect platform for a very specialised, successful consulting business.

The company has been providing specialised consulting services to clients, both in South Africa as well as internationally, for more than 8 years.

Projects have been successfully completed in the following broad areas:

  • Network model creation in Powerfactory (masterproject creation and management)
  • Network development plans. (Transmission, Distribution and industrial level)
  • Sub-synchronous resonance studies

  • Power quality studies including filter design (harmonic mitigation)
  • Grid code compliance studies for all forms of renewable energy power plants
  • Network loss calculation (technical and non-technical)

  • Stability studies (transient, voltage, small-signal)
  • Interfacing Powerfactory with GIS, SCADA systems
  • Implementation of Arc Flash Management Systems

T & D Systems

Power system studies and engineering expertise for planning, designing and optimizing transmission and distribution systems.

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Industrial Systems

Industrial systems
supply industry.

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Renewable Energies

Specialized services in the field of renewable and non-conventional energy such as
capacity credit studies
or wind- and solar power.

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